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The journey to become a more sustainable city

Category: General

Date: 24.06.2014

Time: 10:59

What are the key successes and learning points on your journey to become a more sustainable city?

I’ve been asked, by the good people at the Eco Technology Show, to write a blog about the seminar I’ll be participating in; How to create an Environment Capital.  Peterborough has been in this game for a long time, signing up to an Environmental Charter in ‘91 and becoming one of only four Environment Cities in ‘92 and committing to creating the UK’s Environment Capital in 2008.  Peterborough Environment City Trust, the organisation I lead, was established in ‘93 with a vision of creating a truly sustainable Peterborough and a mission in support of the Environment Capital aspiration. 

So what have we learnt and achieved along the way?  Click here to read the rest of my blog post and find a few of the key things that spring to mind.


Environment Capital

Kari-ann Whitbread, Fundraising Manager

Category: General

Date: 17.06.2014

Time: 09:02

Hi, my name is Kari-ann and I have recently started working as Fundraising Manager at Peterborough Environment City Trust. My role is to raise funds for PECT and with so many amazing projects being delivered, I can see I am going to have my work cut out!

Most of my fundraising has been done in developing countries so it is a real shift for me to be back in the UK, and not just the UK, but in Peterborough, my home town. I have always been interested in healthy living and nutrition is a particular passion of mine so I was really excited to hear about PECT’s Love Local project that has a focus on healthy-eating in schools and communities. And as I will soon have a home with a garden for the first time, I am looking forward to getting some gardening tips from one of the many Greeniversity classes in the city, not to mention from my knowledgeable colleagues!

I’ve really enjoyed my first few weeks at PECT and already feel quite settled; the team have made me feel very welcome and I have been most impressed with their commitment to their work. It’s very obvious that the team here are all passionate about the environment, not just because it is their job, but because it is part of their lifestyle. Their passion has already rubbed off on me as I no longer automatically switch on the lights when I walk into a room and have very quickly learnt to switch off my computer screen when away from my desk.  Small things, but they all make a difference! 

It’s really nice to be home and to be able to contribute to making Peterborough a healthier, happier place to live and I’m really looking forward to working more closely with the programmes teams and seeing for myself the great work they are doing.


Love Local's Food-Growing Course

Category: Public/Communities

Date: 06.06.2014

Time: 11:56

The Love Local project team here at PECT is very pleased to announce the launch of its brand new food-growing course, led by a community gardening expert from The Green Backyard.

This “Let’s Get Growing” course is aimed at adults and families living in targeted areas of Peterborough.

Our first workshop took place at the Gladstone Children’s Centre on 5th June. We began the workshop with a discussion about food growing and the benefits of incorporating more fruits, vegetables and herbs in the diet. We then got our hands messy planting seeds in mini gardening pots.

Next week we’ll be outside in the garden, preparing the growing area and sowing some of our own seeds.

Our next workshops will be taking place at Gladstone Children's Centre from 10-12pm on the following dates:
19th June, 3rd July, 17th July, 31st July, 14th August, 28th August

To find out more about our food-growing course or to book a place, email emma.hookham@pect.org.uk or call 01733 882545


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