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Heataborough Community Event

Category: General

Date: 14.11.2014

Time: 11:09

Here at PECT we love to share news about great eco events happening across the city and further afield.

That’s why we thought we’d tell you about Heataborough, a community event happening on Friday 21 November, between 4pm-7.30pm at Millennium Centre, Dickens Street, Peterborough (PE1 5GD).

If you’re a homeowner or landlord, drop-in to hear how Peterborough City Council has been awarded a £4 million subsidy fund by the government as part of the Green Deal programme to help local house owners afford home energy efficiency improvements with no (or little) up-front costs.

Who qualifies? All owners of residential property in the central Peterborough target area (most PE1 postcodes) can now apply for a grant. You can check out the target area map on www.peterborough.gov.uk/heataborough. Properties must have solid walls that need insulating. Replacement boilers, loft insulation, cavity wall insulation and double glazing are also available (subject to survey).

Head to the event to find out how you can get a share of this fund to improve your property. The first 500 home energy surveys booked are being carried out FREE OF CHARGE – you can book yours at the event.

Don’t miss the Landlord & Letting Agents short talk at 4.30pm, and a Homeowners, Community Groups & Leaders Short Talk at 6pm.

If you can’t make it, you can book your free survey on www.peterborough.gov.uk/heataborough or call 01296 311898.



Laura Fanthorpe, Marketing and Communications Manager

Category: General

Date: 14.11.2014

Time: 10:17

Hello! My name is Laura and I am the newly-appointed Marketing and Communications Manager for Peterborough Environment City Trust (PECT). I have just finished my first two weeks in the position, and the time has absolutely sped by!

I am delighted to be working for such a fantastic organisation that is achieving great things – not only within the city itself but also further afield.

My role involves ensuring PECT’s projects reach as wide an audience as possible. I am in a unique position that offers wonderful opportunities to spread the word in order to benefit individuals, communities, schools and businesses.

It’s been great to see that PECT really does practice what it promotes. The organisation has received accreditation from Investors in the Environment for its green credentials, plus there’s a strong emphasis on following good sustainable practices in order to reduce the organisation’s environmental impact. It’s been really refreshing to see how passionate PECT’s staff and volunteers are about sustainable living.

My background has always been within the horticultural, green living, and cultural sectors, so I’m delighted to bring my interests together to work within PECT. I enjoy trying to live an eco-friendly  lifestyle, and this include growing my own produce, keeping chickens, buying local, recycling, and walking or cycling whenever I can.

However, there are always opportunities to improve my green credentials and I’m excited about the oppportunity to keep on learning!


No Supermarket September: How did we fare?

Category: General

Date: 10.11.2014

Time: 09:43

Some of us decided to take up the challenge of No Supermarket September to see how possible it would be to use just the city’s local businesses for our regular food shopping. This was a real opportunity to check out of the supermarket conveyor belt for a while!

We were filled with trepidation and a little bit daunted by the idea, imagining big challenges - where would we get the time to shop in more local, sustainable way? Would we be able to get what we needed from alternative outlets? Having to work around busy schedules and being working parents meant that this way of shopping could certainly be a challenge. But the answer, we soon discovered, was yes we could. Not only was it feasible, but it turned out to be a great experience!

Where did you shop, I hear you cry? Well, this was difficult at first (it meant a change of mindset as much as anything), but once we started to discover local traders we found there were enough of them, but there is definitely a need for more. If you want to support your local traders you can, and you can get most things you need without having to step into a big supermarket.

For fresh fruit and vegetables there was of course the option of veg box delivery but we also really enjoyed shopping on the city market, where there is a great choice of fresh, ripe, and delicious produce, at really fantastic prices. The city market also provided us with fish, cheese and meat and even pet food.

For bread we discovered that the Italian deli’s, Chinese and European shops were a great source, and we also baked our own. For staples such as flour, sugar, tea coffee, organic pulses and so on we used Backyard Foods, the organic wholefood shop at The Green Backyard.

The added value of this challenge was reconnecting with the high street. It made shopping much less of a chore. We started to build relationships with shopkeepers and market holders, and created a great rapport with local shops. Being able to talk to people about our choices and try delicious new food we hadn’t thought of using before was a great added benefit.

In addition to this we found that we were spending far less money on our weekly shop, which was a big surprise! Not only were we not buying as many things we didn’t need (and reducing food waste), local traders do actually offer competitive prices and were often much cheaper than supermarkets.

In truth the supermarket can be more convenient, BUT, you CAN get everything you need without stepping foot in one, at the same time as having a much more enjoyable experience and making some new friends along the way, whilst supporting our local economy. In the end, we found that supermarkets offer a lot of convenience, especially in terms of opening hours, but at a minimum, there is plenty of space to at least supplement your weekly shop with local traders.