Bored of Brexit? SOLD OUT

Bored of Brexit?
When: Weds 9th August, 7pm-9pm
Where: Metal at Chauffeur’s Cottage, St Peter’s Road PE1 1YX
Who: Scottee & Queer Peterborough
What: Debate

Please note this event has now sold out.

We want to hear from all - whether for, against and confused about what happens after we leave.
We want to get past talking about politics and talk about what post-Brexit Peterborough looks like. Will we all be friends again? Will we have to stop French kissing?

Come listen to a bunch of locals, artists, Europeans and English folk chew the fat over the continent.
PLUS! Free vegetarian dinner! Made from home grown vegetables, allotment producers and back gardens across Peterborough!

To book a place at the meal visit or call 01733 893 077. *If you’d like to donate your home-grown produce to the meal in exchange for art for your home, get in touch