Planet B


In 2016, PECT conducted a piece of research in Peterborough to find out what people believed were the most important issues facing the city. PECT believes there are critical issues that need to be discussed and action taken.

Considering alternative ways of living to what has become the norm is challenging but the process of questioning these norms and considering what would lead to a fair and respectful global community is what the focus of 'Planet B' was.

'Planet B', a Green Festival 2017 initiative, was organised in partnership with Metal and The Green Backyard, with funding from Arts Council England. We wanted Planet B to be both relevant within the local context of Peterborough, but also to engage with wider contemporary environmental thinking and developments.

What needs to happen for people to understand the issues, become more resilient together and take positive actions? This can be referred to as the need for a ‘deep adaptation agenda’ consisting of the following:

Resilience involves people and communities better coping with disruptions. An example includes looking at how buildings can better cope with floods.
Relinquishment involves people and communities letting go of certain assets, behaviours and beliefs where retaining them could make matters worse.
Restoration involves people and communities rediscovering attitudes and approaches to life, such as increased community-level productivity and support.

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