Green Festival 2015 Poetry on the Buses Project

The 2015 Green Festival included a fantastic arts element in order to showcase sustainability issues in innovative and engaging ways, supported by funding from the Arts Council. 

Led by the poet Keely Mills, and commissioned by the Green Festival to create a body of  work that was interactive, thoughtful and discussed the Festival's theme of sustainable transport, a number of poems have been produced on the topic of Peterborough’s bus journeys.

Keely became  the unofficial poet in residence for all bus routes in Peterborough. Since March this year, and alongside six other poets, she has travelled on the main routes of the city, producing poetry based on the buses that serve the city every day of the year. Keely also commissioned a further six poets to create a poem on the subject, so there are many different versions of what buses mean to people - whether that is a love story, animals as buses or the heavenly tea bar serving hot tea!

Over two recording sessions both the poets and performers (including bus passengers, enthusiasts and other artists) came in and recorded the poems, meaning that there are lots of voices represented in the podcast. The podcast will be played at numerous venues over the Green Festival week including the city market, Rivergate shopping centre, Serpentine Green shopping centre, radio stations and also in the Queensgate footbridge.

Thank you to the wonderful producers at 'Beat This', the community music group in the city, and their expertise. Also a huge thanks to everyone involved with the project: the team at PECT, the team at Stagecoach, Creative Peterborough, Peterborough Presents, Beat This and all the incredible poets: Leanne Moden, Alex Tyler, Pete Cox, Viv Foster, Alun Williams and Charley Genever. Plus a huge thanks to our voices: Judita, Mihail, Armin, Vikki, Carol, Bumper, Brendan, Kitty, Sally and Louise.

Listen to the podcast below: