Zero waste places Peterborough

Announced as part of the governments’ Waste Strategy, Peterborough has been named one of six UK cities to trial innovative methods of waste management and reduction as part of the government's Zero Waste Places scheme.

Zero Waste Places will aim to go as far as possible in reducing the environmental impact of waste, whether it be at home, in the workplace or in the community.

In Peterborough the project is focussed on Cathedral Square and the three streets leading from it (Bridge Street, Cowgate and Long Causeway).

This includes Queensgate Shopping Centre, encompassing retailers and offices, the Town Hall and council offices.
The first step was to establish where waste was coming from and what the barriers to reducing it were.
Once we have this information we can prioritise the biggest waste culprits.
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Working with businesses...

160 retailers to were visited provide advice and practical assistance to help reduce waste and increase recycling.

75% of the businesses visited agreed to a follow up visit where an in-depth survey was carried out to establish existing waste management practices and barriers to recycling.

This information was then used to crate an education pack including information on the services offered by various waste management contractors, case studies on shops and offices who have cut their waste to landfill, and tips on reducing carbon footprint.

Ten retailers were also offered the chance to send staff on a day long waste awareness course.

This part of the project has been made possible through invaluable support from waste contractor Donarbon Ltd.

Zero Waste Fortnight...

In January businesses in the Zero Waste zone took part in a Zero Waste Fortnight where they worked hard to create as little rubbish as possible. Some organisations drastically cut their waste to landfill and pledged to continue reducing their waste all year round.

The next Zero Waste Fortnight will be held in January 2013. To be kept informed about this event please sign up to receive our monthly e-newsletter.

Zero Waste Construction...

The project also worked with Opportunity Peterborough to eliminate as much waste as possible resulting from the redevelopment of Cathedral Square.

The contractor, Osborne, demanded construction supplies were delivered in reusable or recyclable packaging and worked with the civil engineers to design out waste.

Any unwanted or waste materials were re-homed to local community groups to ensure nothing was sent to landfill.

In addition, an audit of useful materials was created for the Corn Exchange building which was set to be demolished as part of the redevelopment work.

A brochure of all materials was circulated to local communities and almost all of the interior materials from the Corn Exchange were assigned for reuse.

Key project achievements:

  • Saved over 16,000 tonnes of waste from landfill from the Cathedral Square development alone
  • Saved local community groups an estimated £70,000 in procurement cost
  • Engaged businesses with the importance of waste management
  • Provided a blueprint for effective waste management for future construction projects in Peterborough.

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