forest for peterborough


In 2010 PECT launched Forest for Peterborough, an exciting project to plant over 180,000 trees in and around the city and surrounding countryside by 2030. The aim is to plant one tree for every person living in the city.

PECT wants to improve tree coverage to create a network of wooded areas, improving our green spaces, the quality of the air we breathe, and also making sure that Peterborough is less vulnerable to the effects of flooding and other extreme weather.

By the year 2021 over 25,000 new homes will have been built in Peterborough, meaning more built up areas and more people. The tree planting will change the city’s landscape, forming a vital network of wildlife corridors and green spaces, threading their way through our built-up areas.

Bringing together communities, schools and businesses for the volunteer planting days means that everyone can get involved with and contribute to improving their natural surroundings.

Forest for Peterborough means so much, not only for the quality of life of city residents today but for future generations of Peterborough citizens. In 20 years’ time, your family will enjoy the benefits of the trees planted today, which will be big enough to walk under.


Get involved!


Forest for Peterborough is for the people of Peterborough, and you can get involved all year round, with tree warden days in the spring and summer, and planting days in the autumn and winter.

These fun social events are great for getting involved at every stage of the process whilst meeting new people. Helping to create more green spaces in Peterborough will enable you and your family to enjoy the outdoors and feel a real sense of achievement as you see the benefit of your hard work. Click here for the full list of 2017 tree planting events.

Thank you for the support of Peterborough City Council and Buckles Solicitors.

For more information, please contact Simon Belham on 07715 372432 or via email at


Make a gift to the Forest for Peterborough

Each year it costs around £40,000 to plant and maintain 6,000 trees. This covers the cost of all the trees, the materials to plant them, running volunteer days, and for the Forest for Peterborough officer to make it all happen. We are grateful to have received funding from Peterborough City Council for the Forest for Peterborough 2016/17 season, but we also rely on local businesses and generous people like you to help create a Forest for Peterborough. To make a donation, please visit our Donate page.