RIG Sites

Peterborough and its surrounding area has 7 designated RIG Sites. RIG Sites or RIGS are Regionally Important Geological or Geomorphological Sites. These sites have been evaluated for their scientific, educational, historic, aesthetic and conservation value as well as their access and safety.
The Sites in Peterborough include:
Eye/Thorney Area of Search
Maxey Quarry and Preferred Area
Orton Brick Works and Brick Pit
Thornhaugh II Quarry
Swaddywell Quarry/Helpston Brick Pit
King’s Dyke Brick Pit, Whittlesey
The first of a series of RIG Sites has been developed and opened to the public as part of Peterborough Environment Week 2003. The site at King’s Dyke provides a place for a wide range of people to come and enjoy fossil hunting and to become more aware of the geological heritage of Whittlesey and Peterborough.
The second site is Swaddywell Quarry, which is being redeveloped and managed into a site where the natural environment can thrive and geological exposures can be appreciated.
Both sites have on-site interpretation boards which provide general information about the sites.
The work which has been achieved has been made possible through funding by EB Nationwide.