Should we stop having Children?

Friday 11th August, 7pm- 9pm
Where: Metal at Chauffeur’s Cottage, St Peter’s Road PE1 1YX
Who: Scottee & Queer Peterborough
What: Debate

The world is getting crowded; people are living longer and it has become the norm to have three or more children. With food poverty, global warming and our oceans full of plastic we ask - is it time we stopped having children? Come join a bunch of artists, parents and those who’ve chosen to not have children for a community meal at Metal. PLUS! Free vegetarian dinner! Made from home grown vegetables, allotment producers and back gardens across Peterborough!

To book a place at the meal visit or call 01733 893077. *If you’d like to donate your home-grown produce to the meal in exchange for art for your home, get in touch with .