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2015: The year in which to build strong, sustainable communities


The start of a new year provides a fantastic opportunity to look back at the previous 365 days and the achievements that have been made. One of the accomplishments Peterborough should be most proud of is how its various community groups have gone from strength to strength.

The formation of a happy, healthy city can be aided by connecting communities up and ensuring people are not isolated or without support. Community groups afford numerous opportunities for participants to gain new skills, build upon a network of friends, and make a difference to their surroundings and the lives of those around them.  

Whether it’s larger organisations leading the way, local charities or groups of volunteers getting together, there have been some fantastic projects running in 2014 that have helped the city become stronger and more sustainable every day.

PECT’s community projects include Greeniversity, a green skill share initiative that gives local people the opportunity to teach and learn everything from bee keeping to bike maintenance, creating sustainable communities for the future.

We are also connecting communities to their environment through the Forest for Peterborough Project, which seeks to plant one tree for every person in Peterborough by 2030, and Woodland Heritage in Action, which aims to protect the natural and cultural heritage of Bretton’s ancient woods by widening public participation. 

Love Local is a community engagement project that aims to tackle health inequalities in Peterborough by addressing barriers to healthy eating through a linked programme of cooking skills, nutrition knowledge and food growing skills. The Love Local project team are currently working across five inner-city hostels.

The Green Backyard has hit the headlines recently in its bid to raise funds to buy the land it’s on and save it from destruction from developers. This community growing project, in the heart of Peterborough, has grown and grown due to the passion and dedication of its volunteers.  The Green Backyard could not exist without the people of Peterborough working together, and it is a fantastic example of what can be achieved through community spirit and enthusiasm.

If you’re interested in finding out more, you can see a list of further community groups in Peterborough and its surrounding areas here. Whether it’s joining a group, volunteering, donating or simply spreading the word, remember to make 2015 the year you get involved.