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Amanda Assistant Reserves Officer, Skills for the Future Trainee


Working for the Wildlife Trust for the last 6 months has been everything I had hoped. The opportunity provided by the Skills for the Future scheme has allowed me to gain the training and practical skills I need to work in practical conservation.
I have gained the professional qualifications of trailer training, brushcutter training, first aid at work and the pesticide spraying qualifications of PA1 and PA6. I have my chainsaw qualifications still to do this winter; all of these should give me a good baseline of skills to offer when I start applying for new jobs.
Not only has this placement added to my professional qualifications it has also improved my general practical skills and knowledge. I have gained experience in fencing, mowing, charcoal making, invasive plant species control and working with volunteer/corporate work parties.
This placement has been great, every day is different and I’m always learning new things. Bring on the next six months! ?