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Eco-friendly BMW i3 and i8 vehicles to be on display at Peterborough Green Festival


David Woodhouse, iBrand Manager, explains how Sycamore (Peterborough) Ltd is excited to attend this year’s Peterborough Green Festival in order to showcase the eco-friendly BMW i3 and i8 cars in support of the Festival's sustainable transport theme. Sycamore is the region’s only ‘i’ agent, and will have a presence in Cathedral Square on the Peterborough Green Festival Launch Day of Saturday 23 May.

What’s so exciting about these cars is that they are the first products to go on sale from BMW’s i sub-brand. The i3 features an innovative Carbon Fibre Reinforced Plastic (CFRP) structure which optimises space whilst keeping weight to an absolute minimum.

The CFRP is manufactured in a production facility powered by Hydro Electricity. Producing CFRP is very costly in terms of energy used, but BMW are able to manufacture this extremely durable and incredibly strong material utilising totally renewable energy.

The cars themselves are manufactured in a state-of-the-art facility. Again BMW are concerned with their Carbon Footprint and this facility is powered by four massive wind turbines. With this sort of thinking it comes as no surprise that BMW Group is the Dow Jones Sustainability Index Leader for the 8th consecutive year.

Customers can even switch their household energy suppliers to Green Energy, so that when they use their cars day-to-day they are minimising the CO2 produced at point of use.

Interested prospective customers can even test drive the i3 on the day of the Green Festival to see just how good these cars are to drive. In addition to the cars, children at the Festival will be able to complete a quiz sheet on the i3 and their older siblings can take a look at the electric racing car built by a local school under the Greenpower initiative.

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