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Electric Pedals: On being part of the Green Festival 2015


Electric Pedals was excited to be part of the PECT Green Festival in Peterborough again this year and enjoyed seeing some familiar and new faces when bringing back pedal power for a music stage on the Saturday and a cinema on the Sunday!

Electric Pedals uses the energy from people cycling to power cinemas, sound-systems, outdoor classrooms in schools and much more. Pedal power can be used for home appliances or entertainment purposes – we can power almost anything, all in a clean and green way!

The way it works is very simple. As we move, whether it is cycling, walking or dancing, the chemical energy that is stored in us humans is transferred into kinetic energy. Electric Pedals was born out of the realisation that the kinetic energy produced by people cycling can be transferred into electrical energy to power things! What could be more fun and energy efficient than cycling to charge your own phone or power your own cinema?

The bike is an incredible invention: as a method of transport it helps us to save the environment whilst giving us the opportunity to exercise and improve our own health. When we realised we could also use the bicycle to transfer kinetic energy from movement into electrical energy through a simple set-up, our understanding of pedal power truly began.

We accommodate for all ages and all you have to do is pedal to generate the power. The stationary bikes are fixed to motors which spin as the back wheel whirls round. This spinning motion generates electricity in the motor and is transferred through cables to whatever we want to power. For larger set-ups, we have built our own Power Stations which transfer the low voltage DC electricity (this is suitable for phone-charging and other appliances that don’t require much power) into AC electricity which is what runs through all our homes, schools, and workplaces. This is then how we can power things like projectors and sound systems for cinemas and music festivals. It’s really very easy!

We don’t only use pedal power for cinemas and music stages. We also help to spread energy awareness through Educational Workshops and Power Challenges so please check out our website for more bike-powered fun ( You can also see what we’re up to through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram under the name Electric Pedals.

Power to the pedal!