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Learning Where Food Comes From


In early June, our Love Local in Schools programme participated in the East of England Showground’s annual Potato Planting Day, where 500 primary school pupils from the Peterborough area were given the experience of learning about where food comes from, from seed to table. The Love Local in Schools project joined up with chefs from Peterborough Regional College to run eight potato salad making workshops, so that all 500 pupils had a chance to individually put together a simple potato salad recipe with variations.

As the Love Local in Schools project officer, I spoke with the students and teachers about what they knew about healthy food and asked whether they could come up with other healthy versions of potato salad. We also talked about using seasonal, local produce from the area’s farms and why that’s important for our health and local community. The kids were amazed to think of the different possibilities one could make with a seasonal salad or other potato recipe, and once they got going, their enthusiasm was contagious!

Both the Love Local communities project and the schools projects are teaming up to trial food gardening in schools with parent-child involvement. At two schools in Central and East wards, we are working with 120 pupils and some of their parents to teach them some basics on gardening for food. Emma, our Love Local project officer, will then carry forward free parent/child gardening sessions at community centres in both areas. It’s an excellent opportunity for people, especially parents with young children, to come along and learn how to get started with growing healthy, inexpensive food at home.

For more information about our Love Local projects:

Communities gardening or cookery sessions contact Emma at [email protected]

If you are a Peterborough school and are interested in taking part in free healthy eating and cookery lessons, register your interest with April at [email protected].