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Making an impact volunteering


By Michaela Anthony, Marketing and Communications Intern.

As an individual with a passion for the environment, I wanted to make an impact.

My love for the environment stemmed from my time at primary school, where we had an annual talk from the ‘Bird Man.’ It always fascinated me and despite the fact that the talk remained pretty similar year on year, the message remained impactful: ‘Don’t be careless in throwing litter, take care of our wildlife.’

Soon after I realised that it was my responsibility to care for the environment. I could make an impact. However I needed to start small and think big, since I couldn’t run before I had learnt to walk. So, I had to rein in my wild imagination and reserve my ambitions of creating the next eco nation of environmentalists for a later date!

It occurred to me, where best to start than in my own home? So I began taking small steps in order to preserve and protect the environment. From running around the house switching off lights to growing my own ‘Green Backyard’ I can now say that I am on my way to living in a more sustainable way, through the daily commitments that I now make.

These actions are having an impact, small as it may seem. However, to take a greater stepping stone towards making a difference, I decided to take up a volunteering placement at Peterborough Environment City Trust (PECT).

Having only just begun my placement here, I have already noticed what a difference it can make to join forces with others who have a similar passion. Through engaging schools, businesses and whole communities, PECT is impacting the lives of so many in the hope of collectively achieving the same goal: ‘A sustainable Peterborough.’

I now realise that caring for the environment and becoming more eco-friendly is not a chore as the case may seem. Rather on the contrary, it’s an exciting and innovative way of life.

The challenge is: what can you do to get involved and think big for the environment?