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My first week at PECT


By Alice Lister, Energy Matters Project Officer.

The first day of work is a bit like the first day of school. You’re probably running late, you’ll get lost on the way, and when you get there you wish you’d seriously revised your choice of outfit. To make things a little more interesting, my lunch had leaked all over the chocolates I’d packed with me (always a good tactic to make friends – present them with soggy chocolates). Luckily I was taken to a shop where I could buy a nice replacement lunch, which of course soon found its way into my lap.

Despite the wobbly start, I settled in quickly thanks to the brilliant team at Peterborough Environment City Trust (PECT). I became interested in working for the charity after reading about the projects they run, their ambitious environmental targets and impressive achievements.

A great fact about the Energy Matters project that I am working on is that it supports both the environment and Peterborough residents. This is really what interested me in the position.

My first day was spent being introduced to colleagues and familiarising myself with the office. Everyone was super friendly and helpful, and have continued to be so – I already have heaps of tips for my project!

By the second day I found myself out in the field helping to deliver PECT’s Warm Homes project, which has given me lots of ideas for Energy Matters. I got stuck into a PECT yoga class on my third day and found my ‘inner Zen’ during the busy week, followed by useful project training sessions, which I have learnt so much from.

Now my first week is drawing to a close, and I feel like I have been a PECT employee for months… It’s a great feeling!