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New iiE Business Relationship Officer


Having completed my first week at PECT as a Business Relationship Officer I can honestly say I am thoroughly enjoying my new role and can’t wait to get more involved and to recruit more members to the brilliant Investors in the Environment Scheme.

From my first impressions of the company I can see that my time here will be very varied, already having a diary date for tree planting and a business breakfast to look forward to, and far less structured than the commercial world I am used to. As a native of Peterborough I am excited to be part of a charity that makes a difference in the local community, I will be spending time with all of the project leaders in the next few weeks to find out more about the different schemes such as Greenaversity and the Rivercare Project.

I’m looking forward to learning about living more sustainably having already picked up a few facts such as ‘If everyone lived like an average European we would need 3 planets to live on’, certainly makes you think!! Apart from general awareness on environmental issues a lot of this is all new to me but on a personal level my first week here has definitely made me more ethically self aware and I now question myself as to whether I really need to use so much electricity around the home and to ensure I am using my recycling bags and banning carrier bags from our household. I’m also walking or cycling to and from work, as well as reducing my carbon footprint I’m enjoying the daily exercise. 

I can see huge potential for small and medium businesses becoming accredited with iiE and hope to grow the membership significantly. I strongly believe that Environmental issues should be high up on the agenda of all businesses and I think a ‘Green Champion’ should be as necessary within the work place as a First Aider or Fire Marshall. With the ever changing legislation in Environmental policies and the need for Corporate Social responsibility in the workplace I can see a real need for iiE membership and I’m looking forward to helping small and medium businesses on their green journey.

I have been made to feel most welcome by all of my new colleagues, all of whom are a lot more knowledgeable than myself in all things green.  I’m looking forward to learning from them not to mention more lunch time Yoga in the office!! With the prospect of getting involved in events such as The Green Festival (although I am yet to be persuaded to dress as a bin or a banana in Peterborough Town Centre!) and tree planting in the city I am feeling very excited about my future here at PECT   

Sally Evans
An Eco Warrier in the making