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Organising the Peterborough Green Festival 2015


I had the immense privilege of organising the PECT Green Festival this year. Over the past several months of planning, I have had unique opportunities to meet with some of the city’s many creative and innovative organisations with an eye towards showcasing their work and the people who are really making a difference in Peterborough.

The 2015 festival was bigger than ever and we had a huge amount of interest from new partners and old friends – it really seemed like everyone was up for getting involved in the festival this year, which certainly made my job easier!

The planning process for this type of event can be hectic, but I can honestly say that I have enjoyed some of the unexpected turns it has taken – some of which helped us to formulate new relationships and come up with unique ways of engaging with people who might not necessarily understand what it mean to be ‘green,’ because part of the event’s mission was creating awareness of the environmental issues facing our city.

I tried hard to come up with a single favourite or even a few favourites from the launch day but I really struggled to narrow it down! I loved the unique and beautiful Life Boat (created by the talented folks from the Institute of Crazy Dancing – their presence on the day was thanks to IKEA sponsorship) where people had a chance to climb in and forget about their troubles for a short spell, whilst relaxing to the gentle sway of the hammocks with St Johns Church in the background.

The Urban Street Art Space that we had running down King Street (and Cowgate) was the first time we’ve ever done something of its kind, and I loved seeing what was created there. Having fun with our sustainable transport theme, we had a quarter-pipe brought in and some graffiti boards were set up to bring in a lot of young people to involve them with the festival for the first time. It was a big success, with beatbox music and skateboard and BMX trials throughout the day. 

Of course, our multiple arts element really blew me away – from our artists’ projects to our folk and country bands, and our talented local dancers. The festival had a really great atmosphere and the variety of people, activities, and new spaces used really made it feel like a countryside festival in the middle of the city centre – our first ever Real Ale Tent helped with that too!

I can’t wait to see what new excitement next year’s festival brings.