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Rachel Allerton, PECT Volunteer


I am currently in the middle of my A Level studies taking Geography, History, Maths and Chemistry and I would like to study Geography at University. I thought it would be a good idea to do some work experience at PECT as it’s an environmental charity. I have been able to take part in quite a few of the projects which has been a great experience! I have helped out with the Greeniversity project by researching relevant free classes in the area and contacting the companies and uploaded some classes onto the website which was cool to see something I helped with actually go online! I also helped out with the Love Local campaign and had a really good experience  visiting some sheltered housing for the homeless. We did a cooking demonstration of carrot cake in one, and cooked a BBQ for the residents and staff in another. It was a really enjoyable experience to get to know people from different backgrounds and give back to the community. I worked on a project helping to collate figures of unemployment and job seeker allowance claims to help measure cities on their environment and sustainability. Finally I have just started working on the schools project and I am currently researching information for a campaign to put climate change back on the curriculum for key stage 1 and 2. This is really good as it nice to feel like you can actually help a bigger cause! Overall I have had a great time volunteering at PECT!! Everyone is so friendly and it’s been great to be able to get a taste of lots of different projects to get a feel of how geography can be involved in a future career! I would recommend coming to PECT for work experience to anyone!!!