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Ready to run?


So, the idea to run a race in order to raise funds for the independent charity Peterborough Environment City Trust (PECT) first came up in April 2015. Fast forward six months and a team of staff and volunteers have now committed to running the Anna’s Hope Fun Run at the Perkins Great Eastern Run on 11 October.

This brings me onto my personal race training. My extensive, dedicated training… which has currently consisted of a few very steady laps around the field behind my house. My current race speed is that of a slow-moving snail. My current endurance stands at around 50 paces.

But what’s keeping me going is the thought of raising funds for PECT. I am ridiculously proud to be working for a charity that’s achieving such fantastic things for Peterborough and its residents. PECT is challenging and supporting the city to become cleaner, greener and healthier.

PECT works with communities, schools and businesses to deliver ground-breaking and innovative projects of local, regional and national significance, enabling change for a sustainable future. In 2014 alone PECT worked with 1,700 businesses, planted 30,194 trees and involved 16,600 pupils in environmental education.

All of these achievements make the race well worth running! And if you can, we would be very grateful for your support. If you’re after something a little more energetic, then I’m sure the other seven runners on the PECT team will achieve far better results than my snail-like pace…

Please donate on Thank you for your support.

Laura Fanthorpe is PECT's Marketing and Communications Manager.