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Running the Anna’s Hope Fun Run as a Fairtrade banana


A few weeks ago a small team of us ran the 5k Anna's Hope Fun Run at the Perkins Great Eastern Run to raise awareness and funds for our charity, Peterborough Environment City Trust (PECT).

As a member of Peterborough Rowing Club I am fairly fit and so wanted to do something a bit different to challenge myself. I therefore decided to run it dressed as a banana – Fairtrade of course! As an environmental charity we encourage the use of Fairtrade products, ensuring a better and more sustainable deal for farmers and workers.

In fact, did you know that Peterborough is currently working towards becoming a Fairtrade City? The local not-for-profit community group, Fairtrade Peterborough has been working hard to spread the word and encourage commitment to Fairtrade across our city. To find out more about what Fairtrade means visit

Running the Fun Run and cheering on the subsequent Half Marathon was a tiring but exciting day; I felt on a high from the community spirit, as well as the overwhelming support for a variety of great causes that people were raising awareness and money for. It was impressive the level of commitment that people had gone to and the enthusiasm both runners and supporters had for the event.

After cooling down from my (very hot) run I saw local runner Eric Winstone cross the Half Marathon finish line, with the announcement that he is the only person who has run every single Great Eastern run since it launched – an impressive feat!

To refuel I enjoyed a meal made from locally-sourced ingredients at the nearby Beehive Pub; the staff were as surprised as my fellow diners to be sharing their lunch time with a banana! Maybe next year I will attempt the Half Marathon – watch this space…

Jennie Orrell is the Greeniversity Development Lead at Peterborough Environment City Trust.