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Seeing what Peterborough has to offer


Having a real interest in sustainability, I’ve always found looking for events and groups an up-hill challenge in previous places I’ve lived (which resulted in me starting my own). However, in moving to Peterborough late last year, I feel I have arrived home. There is so much going on in the aspiring UK’s Environment Capital, I am now struggling to find the time to do it all!

First on the agenda after the move was to get an allotment, which was secured within the month and is now under development. The other plot holders are all really nice and, now the weather is warming up, are beginning to become more like friends than simply acquaintances, all offering their help and advice on the season ahead.

Since the move, I have also become more involved personally in what the city has to offer. Having been to both the Green Backyard and the Olive Branch Community Garden I am taken aback by the community spirit to keep and care for its green spaces. I am slowly becoming a regular with the Handmade in Peterborough group, continuing my love of all things craft and making new friends along the way.

My love of crafts has also landed me a role as a teacher for Greeniversity, which is a great initiative I was already looking into before I had started working with PECT. Next on my agenda is the Willow Weaving courses, which I have looked at a number of times, but feel I should get on a level playing field with my time before taking on anything new.

The start of 2015 brought with it many changes, one of which was starting as an intern for PECT, pulling together a community project proposal. This was a new challenge for me, never having worked in the environmental or fundraising sector before; but being able to use my sustainable outlook and let it grow has been a new experience I am thoroughly enjoying. I have met with a number of local people and have engaged in many interesting conversations about all aspects of sustainability; just bringing the topic to their attention and starting conversations flowing has got them thinking about what they could do differently.

Shortly after I started with PECT, I was asked if I would be willing to take on another role, helping out with the Green Festival. This has again been a great opportunity, helping to promote such a brilliant event and getting to see a wider scope of what a brilliant organisation is doing to make the world a greener place.

So now the weather is warming up, why not get out there and see what your local area has to offer; whether it is the Green Festival events happening near you, a Greeniversity class, or just mingling with your local community to see what you can do to contribute to a greener, cleaner, healthier Peterborough.

Danette is PECT’s Fundraising Intern, and she has written on the topic of green community events to tie in with this year’s Peterborough Green Festival, which will be held on 23-31 May 2015.