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The journey to become a more sustainable city


What are the key successes and learning points on your journey to become a more sustainable city?

I’ve been asked, by the good people at the Eco Technology Show, to write a blog about the seminar I’ll be participating in; How to create an Environment Capital.  Peterborough has been in this game for a long time, signing up to an Environmental Charter in ‘91 and becoming one of only four Environment Cities in ‘92 and committing to creating the UK’s Environment Capital in 2008.  Peterborough Environment City Trust, the organisation I lead, was established in ‘93 with a vision of creating a truly sustainable Peterborough and a mission in support of the Environment Capital aspiration. 

So what have we learnt and achieved along the way?  Click here to read the rest of my blog post and find a few of the key things that spring to mind.