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We’re dreaming of a green Christmas!


Rawlinsons Love Real Trees!

Last December, the green team at Peterborough’s local accountancy firm Rawlinsons were busy working towards their Investors in the Environment (iiE) Green Accreditation when team member Gemma started looking for new initiatives to boost the office’s green credentials. 

With it being Christmas Gemma started thinking about all those unwanted cards that would be discarded after the festive season and what could be done at Rawlinsons to recycle them for a good cause.

After a bit of research they discovered that Marks and Spencer had been working with the Woodland Trust for a number of years, collecting unwanted Christmas cards and turning them into much needed trees.  The UK is woefully short of trees with only 13% woodland cover compared to the EU average of 37%.  By supporting this scheme it would be helping to plant new woodland – or as Marks and Spencer put it, helping to ‘grow new homes for hundreds of species, from dormice to woodpeckers, beetles to butterflies’.

Marks and Spencer promised that for every 1,000 Christmas cards bought into its stores for recycling in January the Woodland Trust will be able to plant one tree, so in December 2013 Rawlinsons launched an internal ‘Love Real Trees’ campaign to encourage everyone to bring in their unwanted cards after Christmas, with the goal of collecting 1,000 cards, enabling one Rawlinsons tree to be planted!

The campaign received an overwhelming amount of support from the team, who also got their friends, families and business contacts involved, which resulted in an outstanding 3,524 cards being collected, exceeding the original goal by 252%!  If an office with 60 employees can achieve this, just imagine what the larger companies in Peterborough could do too! 

Rawlinson’s goal this year is to beat its previous total, but also to challenge fellow iiE members and Peterborough businesses to introduce the scheme and see what they can achieve. It’s a very rewarding thought that there are now 3 and a half Rawlinsons trees out there somewhere, housing some little dormice and beetles…

What can your company achieve this Christmas-time?

In addition to this, if you're interested in finding out more information about PECT's Forest for Peterborough tree-planting scheme, click here.