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What does a Commercial Manager do at PECT?


It is a very good question!

Peterborough Environment City Trust (PECT) is not a FTSE100 company or a multinational conglomerate so why does PECT as a charity need a Commercial Manager?

Well what many people do not seem to realise is that PECT is an independent charity, and not part of a local council (despite what many of my friends and family thought when I decided to take the post here).

With the independent status comes great opportunities; the charity can invest time, energy and resources in delivering projects most needed for the city. It can provide impartial advice to schools, communities, businesses and the local authority on environmental issues and with its independent status PECT can partner with other like-minded organisations.

For PECT to operate we rely on charitable grants, donations, sponsorship and Gift Aid. All of these come with some strings attached and uncertainty about if we will receive them year on year; PECT therefore needs to find additional unrestricted income to enable the charity to operate and support local and national environmental and social initiatives.

As the Commercial Manager for the charity, it is my responsibility to identify opportunities for making unrestricted income, income not designated for a particular activity, service or project.

This might be as simple as making and selling a PECT calendar, to horizon-scanning future government policy changes to identify new prospects. The role is very diverse and enables me to work with all area of the charity, something which I am really enjoying.

I have 318 days left at PECT until my secondment is complete and I head back to the Dutch Civil Engineering Company from where I came, but I know already that those 318 days are going to be packed with fun, laughter, cake, yoga and hopefully a lot of opportunities to raise some funds for a fantastic charity.

Stuart Dawks is PECT’s Commercial Manager. For any enquiries you can contact him directly on 01733 866439 or [email protected].