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Make a pledge on 4th March to help #PboroMarchForth for the environment

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Peterborough residents and businesses are being encouraged to make a personal pledge to ‘march forth’ for the environment next week, by taking part in the city’s first ever Climate Action Day.

The March Forth For the Environment event – organised by Peterborough City Council and held on Wednesday, March 4 – invites everyone in Peterborough to make a personal pledge to change one aspect of their daily routine for a full 24 hours to reduce their carbon emissions. This could be anything from going vegan for the day, walking to work or using zero plastic.

Participants can choose to complete their pledge in private, or to shout their success from the rooftops on social media, using the #PboroMarchForth hashtag and copying in @PeterboroughCC.

Peterborough City Council was one of many councils to declare a Climate Emergency last year and has made a commitment to become carbon neutral by 2030. It later set up a cross party climate working group, looking at different activities, projects and awareness raising events that could help achieve a reduction in the council’s own carbon emissions and influence a reduction in the wider city’s carbon emissions.

The Climate Action Day is one of the suggestions that came out of this group along with a Carbon Management Action Plan – which was signed off by cabinet last month – which includes 20 actions for the council in 2020/21. These include replacing the mayor’s car with an ultra-low emissions vehicle by January 2021, continuing to plant new trees, considering leasing out additional office space to reduce energy demands and amending the council’s electricity and gas contracts where possible to 100 per cent renewable energy tariffs and 100 per cent carbon off-set gas tariffs. Further actions to help the council get to net zero carbon emissions by 2030 will be announced shortly.

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