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New campaign to save Rhubarb Bridge in Peterborough

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A new campaign has been launched to save Rhubarb Bridge in Peterborough. The campaign organisers say:

Rhubarb Bridge in Peterborough is under threat. Sign this petition to tell Peterborough City Council you understand the old bridge has to be removed, but you want it replaced with a new bridge straight away.

We reject the proposed plans for Rhubarb Bridge, as we believe:

  • Four separate crossings for pedestrians and cyclists to pass through the roundabout is unacceptable.
  • The design will create significant wait times for pedestrians and cyclists.
  • The design increases the likelihood of pedestrians and cyclists coming into conflict with vehicles.
  • By moving pedestrians and cyclists to ground level there is a considerable increase in exposure to pollution and poor air quality (especially for pupils who use this roundabout twice per day).
To find out more and to get involved with the campaign, visit