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Our staff have a wealth of eco expertise, knowledge and enthusiasm to support your business to become greener!

Why choose PECT?

PECT has an excellent reputation as a knowledgeable environmental organisation, helping individuals and businesses to become greener. We have worked in this field for a quarter of a century, and can offer a wealth of expertise. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff have all the skills needed to assist your organisation.

Plus, if you choose PECT for your environmental consultancy needs, you’re helping contribute to our charitable work, meaning that your money goes directly back into the community where it is most needed.

Investors in the Environment

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Investors in the Environment

  • Gaining green accreditation for your business. The Investors in the Environment (iiE) scheme is unique because organisations must achieve a minimum 2% improvement in resource efficiency over an agreed baseline figure, to secure green accreditation. Other criteria include having a recycling system in place, adopting a travel plan, calculating your organisational carbon footprint and setting targets for carbon reduction. The supporting membership around the accreditation scheme gives businesses the personalised assistance, promotion and networking they need to make their organisation greener and to receive recognition for their eco initiatives.
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Energy Saving Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) compliance

PECT can provide qualified Lead Assessors and other technical specialists to help complete your ESOS assessment

What is ESOS?

The Energy Savings Opportunities Scheme (ESOS) is a compulsory energy assessment and energy savings identification scheme for large organisations (and their corporate groups) in the UK.

ESOS has been developed to help companies become greener, and through doing so maximise the energy efficiency and economic benefits to participants.

The scheme applies to:

  • An organisation that has 250 or more employees in the UK
  • An organisation that has fewer than 250 employees but has:
    • An annual turnover exceeding €50 million / £39 million and
    • A balance sheet exceeding €43 million / £34 million
  • Part of a corporate group that includes an undertaking that meets either of the first two criteria

Why was ESOS developed?

ESOS was developed by the government to help organisations maximise the energy efficiency benefits and minimise the administrative burden for businesses by using existing policies and requirements where possible to become accredited.

While energy efficiency makes sense for all businesses, there can be barriers to taking part in these opportunities: including underestimating the value to the business and a lack of access to trusted information about energy efficiency.

ESOS tackles this because:

  • Senior Management must sign off the assessment and be aware of their organisation’s total energy costs and total potential energy savings
  • Assessments must be overseen by a lead assessor, who must operate in an objective manner and be approved by an accreditation body

What does an ESOS assessment consist of?

The assessment takes into account energy directly covered by Display Energy Certificates (DECs), Green Deal Assessments (GDAs), or ISO 50001, including transport.

Organisations must identify at least 90% of their total energy usage and it is necessary to maintain records as an ‘evidence pack’ in case of audit.

An ESOS assessment needs to be carried out every four years. The qualification date for compliance period 2 is 31 December 2018. Proof of compliance must cover the period 6 December 2015 to 5 December 2019. Reporting must be completed by 5 December 2019.

Benefits of an assessment

  • The ESOS report will identify and evaluate energy efficiency and management opportunities arising from procedural changes, behavioural changes and additional monitoring techniques
  • It will evaluate the technical energy performance of buildings, components within manufacturing plants and vehicle fleets
  • It will evaluate the technical feasibility and economic viability of specific opportunities for the reduction of energy consumption

The scheme compliance bodies have the authority to apply civil penalties against an organisation/group found to be required to participate in ESOS but to be non-compliant.

For all non-compliances, the compliance bodies will have the power to publish information about the organisation’s failure to meet the regulations, plus penalties can range up to £50,000 or £500 per day.

How can PECT help your organisation?

PECT will help you tailor your assessment process work to meet your organisation’s specific needs and ensure all work is overseen by an approved Lead Assessor.

To find out how we can help your organisation call 01733 568408 or email [email protected].

Environmental Management

  • Resource Auditing (Energy, Waste, Water, Resource, Carbon)
  • System Development
  • Behaviour Programmes
  • Leadership and Policy
  • ISO 14001 implementation (Gap analysis, Set up, Planning Support for staff engagement and training, Operational controls, Continual improvement)
  • ISO 50001 implementation
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Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP)
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Reduced Data SAP (RDSAP) To find out more, contact 01733 568408 or [email protected]

Green Energy Switch

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Green Energy Switch

  • Commercial energy – Helping UK businesses find cheaper, greener deals on their energy bills. With lights, heating, air conditioning, computers and printers being used around the clock, it’s vital you find a deal that helps cut costs. Green Energy Switch helps customers enjoy big savings on their energy bills by switching to cheaper, greener tariffs for gas and electricity.
  • Solar Power – solar photovoltaic – Generate your own sustainable energy while lowering your bills and carbon emissions. Solar energy can be captured by thermal or photovoltaic (PV) panels to create heat or electricity. Solar panels work even on cloudy days and are becoming increasingly popular in the UK – providing one of the best sources of sustainable energy for both businesses and homes.
  • Electric Vehicle Charging Points – The way we fuel is changing – keep ahead by providing electric charging points for your customers and employees. From complete design to installation and maintenance, Green Energy Switch is here to help at each step of the way. 13 million electric vehicles are expected on UK roads by 2030. Providing drivers with charging points for electric vehicles could help boost your business and attract new visitors to your site.
  • Low Energy Lighting – LED (light-emitting diode) – Almost half of a building’s electricity use is accounted for by lighting. Play your part in creating a sustainable future, swapping to LEDs is just one simple way in which can make a big impact. LEDs use on average one-seventh less power and have 10 times the lifespan of halogen bulb.
  • National Void Management Service – The Void Management Service has been running for over 12 years. Green Energy Switch works with over 50 social landlords/local authorities across the country managing energy supplies for their void properties. Green Energy Switch ensures all debts are cleared, meters are topped up with credit and all bills are managed!
  • EPCs – Energy Performance Certificates – It is a legal requirement to have a valid Energy Performance Certificate when a building is sold, rented or constructed. An EPC will give your home an energy rating and will list recommendations to help improve the energy efficiency of your home. The EPC survey is a non-invasive survey and takes around 30 minutes to complete. Your EPC will then be valid for 10 years. Green Energy Switch can provide EPCs nationally and offer competitive prices for both domestic and commercial surveys.
  • Home Energy Advice Visits – Peterborough City Council is offering residents in Peterborough and Rutland a completely FREE service called LEAP (Local Energy Advice Partnership). LEAP helps people keep warm and reduces their energy bills without costing them any money. Green Energy Switch delivers energy advice home visits in partnership with LEAP and Peterborough City Council. Once your eligibility has been checked, an appointment (at a time convenient for you) will be booked for you by the LEAP contact centre team. A highly trained LEAP Home Energy Advisor will then visit your home and carry out a home visit. The advisor can install a range of simple energy saving measures where necessary, and provide energy efficiency advice and help you to look for a better deal on energy bills. The Home Energy Advisor will also leave behind a Home Visit Pack which will include details of the help and advice given to you as well as contact details of other organisations offering further support. LEAP has some very broad eligibility requirements. It is open to all types of householders – homeowners, private renters and social housing tenants. Check here to see if you are eligible: https://applyforleap.org.uk/eligibility/. Please contact Green Energy Switch for more information or to book an appointment on 01733 646253 or email [email protected].
Call 01733 646253, email [email protected] or visit www.greenenergyswitch.co.uk