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You can make small changes for a New Year filled with health and happiness, explains April Sotomayor.

As we get ready to bring in a new year, many of us will take time to think about our lifestyles and what we can do to eat better…to feel better…to live better! Yes, I’m talking about the loved and (mostly) loathed New Year’s resolutions – the promises we make to ourselves with the hope of having a healthier and happier year than the one before.

Many of us will aim as high as possible, often embarking upon very punishing resolutions, almost as a way to atone for such a decadent Christmas holiday season. I’m talking fad diets or quitting schemes that call for extreme abstinence from the things that often make us feel unwell – alcohol, smoking, too much meat, fatty foods, sweets. But as you consider how to start the new year off right, I’d like to appeal to your more moderate side!

Rather than starting January off with an extreme personal challenge, to be endured rather than the principle itself enduring for the whole year and beyond, perhaps we can think instead of the importance of making reasonable goals for our health.

I recommend taking baby steps. Create little habits that involve just enough change to enable you to feel some results, without killing your sense of willpower and destroying your feeling of achievement. Perhaps start by walking to the local market or shop to buy some seasonal ingredients for a delicious salad – you’ll be getting a bit of exercise, buying something fresh and tasty, and building relationships with local food providers.

PECT’s work with schools and communities through Love Local has been all about helping people to make small changes like these– such as learning how to cook simple recipes and understanding where our food comes from so we can make healthier choices. We’re committed to helping people reconnect with local food, which is one of the simplest ways to get out there and do something good for your health.

Worried about sticking with it? Enlist the help of an enthusiastic child in your life. By getting them excited about new ingredients and flavours and showing children simple techniques that will help them put together healthy meals is both fun and fulfilling. Getting your kids involved is a great way to keep you on track as their enthusiasm for helping out in the kitchen grows. And best yet, you’ll be able to enjoy one of life’s great pleasures: sitting around the table to enjoy a good meal in the presence of family or friends.

So here’s to creating realistic and fun New Year’s resolutions for yourself and your family! Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to find out about any free Love Local cookery workshops or support available to Peterborough communities and schools for healthy food education.