Case studies

Using grant funding to help source a replacement boiler


An Age UK officer referred a couple into CHESS+ as they were having difficulties with their boiler. The couple live in a park home, and both have long term health conditions and receive several benefits. Age UK referred onto CHESS+ as finding funding to support their boiler issues were proving challenging.

Key achievements:

  • New boiler fitted with full cost covered by a grant
  • Improved efficiency of the property
  • Couple will be able to use their heating in the winter and stay warm and well

the challenge

The boiler had been condemned by an engineer, and needed replacing, however the couple were unable to afford a replacement. As the couple live in a park home, they are unable to access the usual grant schemes and therefore the main challenge was finding an alternative funding source. Thankfully, the boiler was condemned in early Spring, and so the couple were coping without heating, despite the multiple health conditions in the household.

The results:

Using the Turn2Us grant finder, the CHESS+ advisor was able to find a grant that the couple were eligible for. The advisor collected all the relevant documents and information required, and a letter was written to the charitable trust distributing the fund. Around 4 weeks later, PECT received a cheque to fund a replacement boiler. Approximately 2 weeks later, the boiler was replaced, and the couple were able to use their heating and hot water again.


“I met a Service Users at a talk I was giving for Age UK CAP, who was having difficulties with his boiler and no funds to repair/replace. As the Service Users lived in a mobile home, I knew trying to find funding would prove challenging. I therefore referred to the CHESS+ team at PECT as I have done previously with other Service Users. They always respond in a timely manner and investigate different funding options to suit the individual. The advisor has kept me, and my Service Users updated throughout the whole process, from finding a suitable grant through to it being awarded. The team are very knowledgeable, polite, and helpful. I know my Service Users was very grateful for their help.”

– Ann Chapman, Age UK Information and Advice Office