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Business Efficiency Programme Hits its Carbon Targets Ahead of Schedule

Energy PECT Update

Cambridgeshire-based Energy Efficiency programme has hit its carbon reduction targets six months ahead of schedule.

The Business Energy Efficiency programme (BEE) is delivered by PECT and, thanks to funding from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), has been offering Cambridgeshire businesses fully funded energy efficiency reviews and grants towards the implementation of energy efficiency measures since Spring 2017 in order to create more sustainable businesses in the region.

Since the programme’s inception, over 6,300 tonnes of carbon savings have been identified by businesses switching to more sustainable technologies. The savings are the equivalent of over 1,100 flights to Sydney!

Project Manager Antony Gough explained; “To date, we’ve worked with over 230 businesses in the wider Cambridgeshire area, enabling them to implement energy efficiency projects which not only improve their sustainability credentials, but reduce their operating costs too.  We are delighted to achieve our carbon targets at such an early stage, and with six months to run, are still looking to reach even more businesses and conduct free energy efficiency reviews, allowing business owners to prioritise where energy efficiency measures will have the biggest impact, in order to make well informed business decisions.”

Due to previous grant applicants not drawing down all of the money available to them, small and medium sized businesses in Cambridgeshire are able to access grant funding for an additional limited period. Businesses who may be interested in learning how they can cut carbon and cut costs in their business, and access grant funding for a limited period, are urged to get in touch with BEECP before the end of October. Grant applications need to be considered by early November.

There are general eligibility criteria that need to be met to qualify for support from BEECP, but typically 95% of organisations contacting the programme are likely to be eligible. Interested parties can find out more and register their interest at or by emailing [email protected] or calling 01733 882549.