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Buy the gift of a tree this Christmas


PECT has launched a new eco-friendly gift this festive season. If you can’t see loved ones right now, why not send a virtual gift to their inbox? You can brighten their day with a meaningful present that tackles climate change and addresses biodiversity loss in Peterborough.

This year, for just £10 for one or £50 for five, you can gift a tree to family and friends and make a positive difference to the environment. Your purchase will enable PECT’s Forest for Peterborough project to plant and maintain a tree, helping to create a network of wooded areas across the city. Each tree is maintained and protected, allowing it to grow and thrive for generations.

2020 has taught us how much spending time outdoors matters. National and regional lockdowns have meant that, more than ever, we have made the most of our local green spaces for exercise, entertainment, and to regain a feeling of normality.

The charity’s Forest for Peterborough project aims to plant over 230,000 trees in and around the city by 2030. Trees mean so much, not only for the quality of life of residents today, but for future generations of Peterborough citizens. In 20 years’ time the trees we plant today will be big enough for you and your family to walk under and enjoy.

Trees bring numerous benefits to our urban areas. They improve the look of our green spaces, help to combat climate change, improve the quality of air we breathe, make the city less vulnerable to flooding and other extreme weather, provide shade and shelter, encourage wildlife and improve your health and wellbeing.

To buy a gift of a tree this Christmas, click here to donate and then PECT can send you a digital certificate confirming your gift.

Photo by volunteer Martin Lewis.