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Eco accreditation scheme encourages everyone to enjoy a ‘Green Christmas’

The national eco accreditation scheme for organisations, Investors in the Environment (iiE), is encouraging everyone to enjoy a ‘Green Christmas’. This festive season, iiE is repeating its annual campaign to encourage members of the public and businesses to join forces to help collect and recycle their Christmas cards.

iiE encourages its member businesses and the wider public to collate their cards, before taking them to Marks and Spencer. For every 1,000 Christmas cards recycled through Marks and Spencer the Woodland Trust will plant one tree. Recycling these cards is incredibly important, because it is estimated that 1 billion Christmas cards end up in the bin every year.

Back in 2015 iiE member businesses managed to collect an amazing 43,000 cards, but in spring 2016 this target was completely smashed with a record-breaking 63,000 cards collected and recycled, enabling 63 trees to be planted.

“It will be a really high target to beat the last total, but we’re confident that our members will rise to the challenge!” explains iiE’s April Sotomayor. “Whether you are an iiE member or not, if you would like to get involved with the campaign then just tweet us @iiEUK with your green pledges and Christmas card recycling achievements!”

iiE is a national environmental accreditation scheme that is designed to help organisations save money and reduce their impact on the environment. The scheme provides all the help, support, promotion and networking you need to get recognition for your green efforts. Member businesses in the Peterborough area include Rawlinsons, Cross Keys Homes, Queensgate Shopping Centre, City College Peterborough, Allia Future Business Centre plus many, many more.

To find out further details or to become a member, visit the website at Plus join in the conversation on Twitter @iiEUK.