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Flood Monster ale launched at PECT Green Festival

PECT Update
The PECT Green Festival in August saw the Cathedral grounds transformed into a ‘Future Floodlands’ with the combination of live theatre and poetry, light projections, artwork and sculpture in order to create a completely immersive event.

Visitors could enter a space of fenland landscapes, more water than land, formed by the effects of climate change. To tie in with the event, local and independent brewery Castor Ales was on site throughout the event and even launched a brand new ale on the day.

Castor Ale’s Duncan Vessey explains: “The artist James Tovey, who worked on Future Floodlands, usually displays his work in our beer tent and any sculptures he has available outside the tent, thus promoting the ‘real art, real ale’ theme.”

“I was involved in the Green Festival, because I helped design and source the material for the Sea Plastic Torii Henge. So when Jim's collaboration with Eastern Angles and Peterborough Environment City Trust (PECT) was confirmed for the Green Festival he approached me to do the bar and produce a beer for the event.”

The new ale ‘Flood Monster’ was named after James’ installation of the Midgard Serpent (Jormungand or world serpent). The beer is an unusual creation in that it is malty and copper coloured and contained fresh lemons in abundance, and was then latterly infused with bog myrtle as a one-off special for the event.

‘Flood Monster’ will also be available at the Peterborough Beer Festival. For more information about PECT visit To find out more about Castor Ales visit the website