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Food glorious food for 1,000 people

This summer, there is a fantastic opportunity to get outside and a enjoy a delicious, free meal at the Feed the 1,000 event, which is taking place from 11am-3pm on Saturday 5th August on Cathedral Square, located in Peterborough.

The event will be run by the local environmental charity PECT and is being funded by the Sainsbury’s Waste Less, Save More campaign, which aims to tackle the growing issue of food waste.

As the title suggests, the aim of the picnic is to feed 1,000 people in the local community with locally sourced food, making use of ingredients that would have otherwise gone to waste. The event will highlight how much food is wasted by the average family each year, typically £700 worth of food a year, equivalent to 1,000 portions of food.

The event will offer a great opportunity for you and your friends to enjoy a nice summer’s afternoon outside, a free cooked meal and a chance to discover the value of the food that is usually thrown away.

Members of the PECT team and volunteers will be on hand to serve up not only the food, but some advice and recipe ideas for using leftovers and ways to cut food bills. In addition, guests attending the event will also be encouraged to share their own ideas on reducing food waste with recipe ideas and other creative solutions to making better use of the food we typically throw away.

PECT’s Communities Team Manager, Karen Igho said: “I’ve been stunned by the food waste I’ve discovered in the city since working on this project, but also heartened by the organisations who are willing to donate food rather than see it go to waste. I’m really looking forward to the challenge of feeding 1,000 people and hearing people’s stories about how they save on waste as well.”

With no prior booking necessary, feel free to just drop in, grab a bite to eat, and discover ways to resourcefully cut down on your food waste!

For more details about PECT’s ‘Waste Less, Save More’ activities, visit or call 01733 568408. The charity is also looking for volunteers to assist at the Feed the 1,000 event, please email [email protected] for further details. The event is being run as part of the two-week programme of Planet B eco activities – see for more details.