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Former Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott visits PECT

PECT Update
The former Deputy Prime Minister Lord John Prescott and Councillor Lisa Forbes dropped into the Peterborough Environment City Trust (PECT) offices on Monday 13 April 2015 to hear about our environmental work.

John Prescott met with PECT’s Chief Executive Carly Leonard to discover more about the environmental projects we carry out that involve communities, businesses and schools throughout the city.

He expressed his admiration for the Peterborough Green Festival, which is now in its 23rd year, and for the environmental education PECT facilitates in schools. He said: “I’m delighted to see what the Trust has managed to do. They got ahead of the game with the festival,” and that “the work you do is important, particularly with youngsters.”

Whilst PECT is an independent and apolitical charity we were happy to host a visit from the former Deputy Prime Minister. “We are proud of the work we do and it’s always good to get insights and positive feedback from someone who deals on the national and international stage, particularly somebody involved in sustainability and climate change,” explains Carly Leonard.

“He talked about his work on the Kyoto Protocol and discussed the crucial climate change conference in Paris in December. He described the importance of local action and awareness-raising on environmental issues and was really keen to hear about the work that we are doing in education and schools.”