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Green Future for Allia Future Business Centre in Peterborough

PECT Update
Allia Future Business Centre, in Peterborough, is one step closer to achieving its aim of ‘changing the world for the better through enterprise and innovation’ after signing up as a member of the green accreditation scheme Investors in the Environment (iiE).

Becoming a member of the national iiE scheme was a clear choice for the Centre. The chance to work with iiE to further build upon its already shining green credentials, and receive a recognised stamp of certification for doing so, was seen as a great way to set a positive example for other businesses to follow.

The Future Business Centre offers space and support to businesses and individuals who are looking to make a positive impact. It works with everyone from not-for-profit community interest companies and charities through to businesses that have society or sustainability at the core of what they do.

“As a Centre that supports organisations that make a positive impact on people and planet we have joined Investors in the Environment to support our commitment to reducing our environmental footprint and welcome the support this programme will give us to create a successful, yet manageable, environmental management system for the business,” explains Gareth Jones, Centre Manager.

This ties in perfectly with the ethos of the green accreditation scheme iiE, which encourages organisations to reduce their impact on the environment in a realistic way that works for them, by providing tailored support and expert advice – to leave things that bit better afterwards!

“Ultimately we want to empower organisations to make a difference,” explains iiE’s Nicola Smith. “We work with staff and businesses to create real, yet realistic change in the workplace. iiE aims to make sustainable business practices the ‘norm’ and put sustainability at the heart of all business decisions for a brighter, better future.”

The iiE scheme is unique because organisations must achieve a minimum 2% improvement in resource efficiency over an agreed baseline figure, to secure green accreditation. Other criteria include having a recycling system in place, adopting a travel plan, calculating your organisational carbon footprint and setting targets for carbon reduction.

For more information about how to sign up as an iiE member, call 01733 882544, email [email protected] or visit For further details about the Allia Future Business Centre, please take a look at the website at