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Greeniversity calls out for volunteers to teach DIY skills

Do you know the tricks of the trade? Are you the type of person to ‘fix it’ yourself? Greeniversity would be interested to hear from you!

The green skills share scheme Greeniversity is looking for willing volunteers in the Peterborough area to run classes on DIY skills, to enable communities to share practical skills that may be at risk of dying out.

Back in 2013 Greeniversity compiled the Endangered Skills Register, launched in the 60th anniversary year of the Queen’s Coronation to highlight how skills that were widely known in 1953 that could now be on the verge of being forgotten. Repairing household items came top of the list of endangered everyday skills in the UK.

“Greeniversity is keen to ensure these core skills are being passed on and if more is not done these activities will simply die out,” explains Greeniversity Development Lead Jennie Orrell. “Greeniversity gives people the opportunity to teach and learn practical eco skills through free sessions, helping to create sustainable communities for the future. Anything goes as long as it’s green or helps build community spirit!”

All of the Greeniversity classes are run by volunteer teachers who want to pass on their knowledge to others. You don’t need to have any prior experience of teaching, instead just an enthusiasm for sharing knowledge!

If you’re interested in teaching a Greeniversity class then please do not hesitate to get in touch. Call Jennie Orrell on 01733 866437 or email [email protected]. To sign up for free classes visit