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Greeniversity goes to Downing Street!

PECT Update

Rachel Huxley (PECT’s CEO) was invited to Downing Street to talk to the Chancellor about our experience with Greeniversity and the Shared Economy.  The shared economy, also know as collaborative consumption, is a sustainable economic system based on sharing assets like skills, time and materials!  The sharing Economy has taken off in the last few years, it is estimated to be worth £310 Billion globally.

In the developed world we have £1.6 Trillion of unused items, the idea of the sharing economy is that instead of buying more we can share what we already have.

Downing Street invited pioneers in the field to a workshop to talk about how the government can support the growth of the Sharing Economy.  Sharers like Zip Car, Air bnb and M&S Schwopping were there as well as our very own Greeniversity.  The aim of the event was to help inform a strategy that sees the UK at the forefront of a fundamental change in how we produce, consume and deliver.

Clcik here to watch a video on the Shared Economy.