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Greeniversity videos by Peterborough Graduate

Greeniversity is delighted to announce the launch of a series of videos about the project, featuring unique hand-drawn illustrations, created by a graduate during her time as part of the Peterborough Graduate Scheme, run by Peterborough DNA.

Over a period of six months, Jodie Denton taught herself how to edit videos completely from scratch as part of an initiative for the green skills share scheme.

“It is fantastic to have videos that explain what Greeniversity is in a clear, fun and engaging way,” explains Greeniversity Development Lead Jennie Orrell. “We are extremely grateful to Jodie for bringing our project to life through her wonderful videos.”

During a six month period, Greeniversity received help from Jodie as part of the Peterborough Graduate Scheme. This placement focused on the marketing of the project, with new materials being produced to promote the project locally and nationally.

The series of videos can be found on the project’s YouTube channel at The videos cover topics such as ‘What is Greeniversity?’, ‘How a Greeniversity Group Develops’ and ‘Your Role within the Greeniversity Team.’

Greeniversity is a national green skill share initiative that gives people the opportunity to teach and learn everything from bee-keeping to bike maintenance through free sessions, helping to create sustainable communities for the future. Whether it’s cooking, growing, making or mending – anything goes as long as it’s green or helps build community spirit.

To sign up for free Greeniversity classes visit the website at Greeniversity is run by the independent charity Peterborough Environment City Trust.

Peterborough DNA is the programme shaping a smarter, more sustainable city. To find out more about Peterborough DNA’s other projects and to get involved visit