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Could you be a hero for your community, for wildlife and for our planet?

Nature Volunteering

Calling all Peterborough residents! Could you be a hero for your community, for wildlife and for our planet? One way to do this is by supporting the charity PECT, which relies on volunteers to make a difference and voluntary donations to fund its work.

2020’s coronavirus pandemic has caused an unprecedented time of anxiety, financial instability, and feelings of isolation. However, it has also brought communities together and highlighted wonderful acts of kindness.

National and regional lockdowns have meant that, more than ever, we have made the most of our gardens and local green spaces for exercise and to regain a feeling of normality – because even in a crisis, nature continues.

Whether it is working in partnership with schools, community groups, businesses, or individual volunteers, PECT aims to enhance the natural environment of the city and surrounding areas. The charity wants to increase our green spaces, improve and conserve habitats, boost wildlife and biodiversity, and increase education about why looking after our natural environment is so important.

“Once the spread of coronavirus starts to slow, the world will not simply return to normal, it will be forever changed,” explains PECT’s CEO Carly Leonard. “This is an opportunity to do things differently and make positive changes. We aim to play a part in tackling environmental issues and making a real difference to people’s lives. We hope people in Peterborough will join us in this task.”

The charity would like to thank BGL Group for its kind donation of £2,500, which is being used to support PECT’s charitable aims and build upon its volunteer resources, to be able to continue to expand reach and impact.

Caroline Raines, Director of Communications, BGL Group, said: “We are only too pleased to be able to support PECT at this time. At BGL, we have been very lucky to have received PECT’s expert guidance as we continue with our commitment to become a more environmentally-conscious and sustainable business. We also recognise the pandemic has placed an enormous strain on many fantastic charities and good causes in our communities and we want to support those organisations to keep up their vital work.”

To get involved, please visit the website at or search for #TeamPECT on social media.