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Innovative new solar farm proposed for disused landfill site in Stanground


At the forefront of renewable energy investment, Cambridgeshire County Council is seeking permission to build a 2.7 MW solar farm and battery energy storage system in Stanground. The site is situated between the A1139 Fletton Parkway, Stanham Way and the A605 in the south of Peterborough.

Cambridgeshire County Council’s vision is to deliver net zero carbon emissions for the region by 2050. As part of this, there is the opportunity to look at using some of its assets to produce and store electricity, in order to support the Government’s decarbonisation goals, whilst simultaneously generating revenues.

The proposed location is an old landfill site that was formally closed in 1992. It is Cambridgeshire County Council-owned land, and the development work would be of no cost to Peterborough City Council or its residents. Sales of electricity and provision of services to the grid would generate revenue for the continued delivery and development of frontline services.

This pioneering use of the site, turning it into an active energy generation centre, is the first of its kind in the East of England and has the potential to be replicated on other similar sites across the region.

The Stanground site would generate significant amounts of renewable electricity – enough to meet the demand of over 700 houses. Electricity would be used to supply energy into the electricity grid or to large local businesses, and to charge a battery energy storage system on site. The battery would provide electricity storage capacity supporting a more resilient network by providing grid stability and energy balancing services.

“It is estimated that the solar farm would save around 6,500 tonnes of carbon over its lifetime,” explains Councillor Josh Schumann. “Utilising an old landfill site in this way is really quite innovative and has the potential to be replicated elsewhere, creating a source of green and clean energy for the future.”

From April to June, Cambridgeshire County Council is planning a social media campaign, survey and series of online events, working with project partner PECT. The aim is to offer opportunities for local residents and businesses to learn more about the project and to feedback on proposals for the 2.7 MW solar farm and battery energy storage system ahead of a full planning application being submitted.

Members of the public can join virtual Zoom events to hear more about the Stanground Closed Landfill Solar Farm scheme on:

For further details, please email [email protected] or visit, where there is also a survey for local residents to feedback with their thoughts about the project.