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Join a Pedal-Powered Car Chase

On the PECT Green Festival Launch Day (Saturday 13th August) the artists Lawrence Bradby and Matthew Robinson, with Mark Howe and Carl Cole, will be running a Pedal-Powered Car Chase in Unit 1, Rivergate Centre, Peterborough. It will run at 4pm, 4.30pm, and 5pm.

Pedal-Powered Car Chase takes the explosive set pieces from big-budget action movies. These cinematic car-chases are both complicit in the global injustices of our oil economy and at the same time deliciously enjoyable. Cramming these clips together with footage of British traffic jams creates the final film.

The projector is powered by four cyclists. A live soundtrack, composed by Mark Howe (The Neutrinos), is performed live by Mark along with percussionist Carl Cole.

Pedal-Powered Car Chase is free-to-view and unticketed. Prior to each performance, a new team of four cyclists will be recruited from the audience and from passers by. Climb onto a bike, help power the film, and see how the physical effort draws you into the performance.

Join in the conversation online @SustainableCity with #PECTGreenFest.