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Onwards to Net Zero!

PECT Update

The Government has recently completed its Net Zero ‘call for evidence’ public consultation. We’ve put together a short statement piece on behalf of PECT and Investors in the Environment (iiE) stating our support for keeping Net Zero high on the policy agenda. PECT and iiE are purpose driven and aim to empower people with solutions to support climate action, waste reduction, and protect and enhance the natural environment. We have supported businesses, schools, individuals, and communities for almost 30 years.

Our support for Keeping Net Zero high on the agenda

We’re facing crises on every front – political, economic/ cost-of-living, climate, biodiversity – and all hot on the heals of a global pandemic. But the climate and biodiversity crises, though easier to ignore makes them no less urgent to deal with. Our work involves the implementation of sustainability solutions in education, responsible resource use, health and wellbeing, and the natural environment.

The experiences we have with our partners and beneficiaries tells us that more help is needed. Clear leadership and direction from the highest decision-making levels will give people the encouragement and incentive to go all in. Where hesitation and doubt remain, inaction will prevail.

The continuation of Net Zero policies and incentives will help us make the transition to a green economy that will promote long term wellbeing for all. On the Net Zero agenda, signals that prioritise resource efficiency, waste reduction, and nature-based solutions are all key areas for our beneficiaries – from individuals, schools, neighbourhoods, and organisations/businesses that we support and work for.

The economic case for decarbonisation and the Race to Zero is solid. A stable, well-financed Net Zero policy is needed, bottlenecks should be cleared to get rid of the barriers (e.g. planning, knowledge, etc), disincentivise carbon-heavy behaviours, and support for green innovation are all urgently required. We need sustained, well-planned schemes (e.g. for retrofit) so people can respond; businesses and schools scale up capacity and train staff; residents can access the right affordable technology or solution for their homes, and all will have the confidence that their actions will pay off.

Net Zero has many co-benefits, delivering a resilient, healthy, biodiverse and beautiful environment that is full of sustainable economic opportunity that will lift people out of poverty, reduce inequality, tackle the biodiversity crisis, and grow the economy sustainably.

If you want to find out more about our work and how we can support you on decarbonisation or other environmental action head to How can we help you? – PECT

If you’re a business or part of an organisation, Investors in the Environment (iiE) can help you on your net zero journey through training and supported accreditation