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PECT celebrates its 20th Birthday

PECT Update

Peterborough Environment City Trust celebrated its 20th birthday on 27th November 2013.

At a special event for businesses, supporters and partners, the city’s sustainable charity donned party hats as they looked back over two decades of success and achievements.

2013 marks 20 years since PECT was founded, and the city’s reputation for sustainable development continues to grow. Thanks to the work of PECT and its partners, Peterborough is becoming known for ground-breaking sustainability work of local, regional and national significance.

PECT’s Chief Executive Rachel Huxley said, “20 years ago, Peterborough cemented its commitment to becoming a more sustainable city. Today, thanks to our partners, supporters, volunteers and projects, PECT has helped the city drive its sustainability vision and gain the recognition it deserves.

“In our 20th year, it’s a great opportunity to review all that has been achieved and look at how Peterborough has grown and adapted. We now have the Green Wheel, over 1,000 businesses have joined the Investors in the Environment accreditation scheme, and we are now taking extra steps to tackle fuel poverty. These are just the beginning of a long list of highlights.

“This celebration was really a time to say thank you for all of the support, and to lay the foundations for the next 20 years.”

Key achievements

1993 – PECT founded in response to Peterborough’s designation as one of four UK Environment Cities.
1994 – The Peterborough Environment and Energy Advice Centre was opened by HRH The Prince of Wales.
1997 – Phase 1 of the Green Wheel began with negotiations with landowners to secure the rights of way across their land that spanned more than three-quarters of the route.
2000 – The Green Wheel opened.
2005 – The Eastex scheme saved businesses over £300,000 and diverted over 5,000 tonnes of materials away from landfill.
2008 – Peterborough became a Zero Waste place following a joint project between PECT and Queensgate.
2009 – Warm Homes Peterborough tackled fuel poverty in the city. 1,500 households received advice on reducing energy consumption and reducing fuel bills.
2012 – Over 1,000 businesses have joined Investors in the Environment to take advantage of the money saving advice on offer.
2013 – Over 26,000 pupils are involved in environmental education and over 90% of Peterborough schools are engaged in ‘greening’ their building.

Click here to view our 20 year timeline.