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PECT’s B-Lines project provides wildflower seeds to businesses to help make the city greener


PECT is aiming to provide 6,000 packets of seeds to a number of businesses, organisations and individuals located across Peterborough through their B-Lines project.

The project aims to reverse the serious decline in pollinator numbers by creating a network of wildflower pathways, linking together existing habitats in the city.

Tony Cook, Natural Environment Lead at PECT, said:

“We are aiming to encourage the transformation of public parks, smaller communal urban spaces and the important household garden, to become havens and habitats for all the major pollinators. We are linking areas across Peterborough to form a joined-up and cohesive approach to conservation

“What’s really great about our project is that everyone can contribute from plant pots on balconies to whole flower beds and wildflower areas in gardens”

600 seed packets have already been donated to Perkins who have placed 2 displays across their sites, allowing staff members and visitors to have access to packets of wildflower meadow seeds. Once planted this will make up to 600 linear meters of wildflowers.

Carl Hodge, Environmental & Mechanical Manager at Perkins, said:

“Supporting biodiversity within our facility and engaging our employees is key to the implementation of the B-Lines project. Raising awareness helps encourage employees to actively contribute in their own communities/gardens. It also instills an environmental understanding that contributes to our site commitment to encourage the use of outdoor green space and employee interaction with nature.”

Other organisations such as The Women’s Institute have also received seed packets, to create wildflower havens in community spaces and private gardens.

The B-Lines project is part of a much wider project which was created by Buglife, who aim to restore our pollinator populations. There have been many successful B-Line projects across the UK, in Yorkshire, Cumbria and Wales. By linking together these habitats, pollinators can travel through our cities and suburbs into more biodiverse areas of wildflower meadows.

If you are interested in receiving seed packets or would like to find out more information, please call 01733 568408 Ext 312 or email [email protected].

PECT’s B-Line project is supported by The National Lottery Heritage Fund, People’s Postcode Lottery, Viridor, Peterborough City Council and Buglife.