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Peterborough residents can pick up a free tree this March!

This March, the charity Peterborough Environment City Trust (PECT) is getting involved with Disability Awareness Month, by having a stand in Serpentine Green on Tuesday 21st March, from 10am.

The charity will be offering local residents the chance to pick up a free Crab Apple tree* (supplied as small whips, which are slender shoots) as part of its Forest for Peterborough project. The aim of the project is to plant over 180,000 trees in and around the city and surrounding countryside by 2030: one tree for every person in the city.

Disability Peterborough, together with partner Inspire Peterborough, is hosting the city’s first Disability and Community awareness event. Over 150 stands will be exhibiting during the month-long event which will take place at The Atrium in Serpentine Green Shopping Centre from Friday 3rd March.

Each of the four weeks has a specific theme:

3rd-9th March – Sports and Leisure activities
10th-16th March – Health and Well-being
17th-23rd March – Environment, Healthy Eating and Learning
24th-30th March – Safer and Stronger Communities

For more information about Forest for Peterborough, visit or call 01733 568408. For more information on the Disability Awareness Month daily stallholders, performances and activities visit *Trees available until stocks run out.