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Tackling the link between consumerism and climate change

Artist Jay Gearing isn’t afraid to court controversy and his latest work has been no exception. He aims to tackle the link between consumerism and climate change with his latest series, ‘It’s Not Your Fault’.

Commissioned to create artwork installations for the PECT Green Festival, Jay wanted to produce something that would challenge Peterborough residents’ perceptions of their surroundings.

With this aim in mind, he has created a series of fake ‘advertisements’ around the city centre that highlight the amount of pollution and contributions to climate change that some large corporations have made.

Jay is one of seven artists who have been commissioned to transform Peterborough city centre into a showcase for environmental art at this year’s PECT Green Festival, which returns with a Launch Day on Saturday 13th August.

From a three-metre long papier-mâché stag beetle to an origami boat walking trail, the artworks promise to spark debate about sustainable living and encourage residents to take positive action for the local and global environment.

Look out for Jay’s hoardings across the city centre the week before and after the Festival and use #PECTGreenFest to join in the conversation. For more information about the Festival, visit