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Take the Cool Food Challenge! EU project aims to save over 150 tonnes of harmful CO2


A new digital tool designed to recommend and capture commitments from individuals to change food habits called Cool Food has been launched by Al’Terre Breizh, Cornwall Food Foundation and PECT. The project has been co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund via the Interreg France (Channel) England Programme, which promotes cross border co-operation.

Created by a partnership of experts in food, nutrition and the environment, Cool Food is launching with a dedicated six-week challenge to encourage consumers to save 2kg of CO2 a day to get them started. The overall aim for the project is to help at least 1,300 households in the UK and France to make a 20% reduction in their carbon emissions over the course of two years.

For meat-eaters, the easiest way to save 2kg of CO2 a day is to swap one meat-based meal a day to a vegetarian meal. Other ways to get involved in the Cool Food Challenge include: cooking seven homemade meals a week; aiming to generate no food waste when cooking; along with buying and eating organic, local and seasonal vegetables.

To keep consumers motivated, Cool Food invites users to monitor the positive impact making healthy, environmentally conscious food choices can have on the environment, and household budgets through a digital tool.

By showing individuals, communities and organisations the real-time impact of their choices, the tool empowers people to work together to reduce CO2 emissions and is having a positive impact on the hundreds of users already signed up.

Matthew Thomson, CEO of the Cornwall Food Foundation, commented: “Modern life is generating much more CO2 than ever, and a major producer of CO2 is the food and drink we consume. CO2 emissions from agriculture and food production account for around a fifth of the world’s total carbon footprint, a huge amount. So, one way in which we can have a significant positive impact on global warming is to change the way we eat.”

Marie Egreteau, Training Manager from Al’Terre Breizh commented: “Simply, if we are going to lower our carbon footprints, we need to tackle the issue together. Cool Food aims to empower individuals to make positive, environmentally conscious food choices by showing them the power that a community can have to make a difference.”

Hundreds of people have already joined Cool Food and many are now taking part in the challenge, pledging to save 2kg of carbon a day for six weeks. To find out more and sign up visit:

Cool Food is a Franco-British project created under the INTERREG FRANCE (CHANNEL) ENGLAND Programme. It supports the transition to a low-carbon economy in the food sector.