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Winners announced for Peterborough’s iconic trees photo competition

In August, the environmental charity PECT launched a city-wide competition looking for photographs of Peterborough’s favourite trees!

The competition tied in with the milestone for the charity’s Forest for Peterborough project, when in October it planted its 100,000th tree in the city.

“We ran this competition because we wanted to hear from members of the public about the trees that mean something to them,” explains PECT’s CEO Carly Leonard. “We wanted people to submit their pictures and let us know about the connection they have with their local trees and why they’re so important to them.”

Now the winner and two runners-up have been selected:

Winner – Roger Proudfoot

“There is a sad story attached to this tree and I thought it could be a worthy winner to mark its passing. It is the Ash tree at the entrance to the old part of Waterville village. The tree has a girth of 5.2 metres which potentially puts it as the 4th oldest ash tree in the whole of the UK according to the Tree Register and could be anything between 280-500 years old – a true veteran and an icon for the local community.

Sadly the tree has a fungal infection at its base and has been condemned for health and safety reasons and has to be felled. I thought it would be a very fitting tribute for this Peterborough icon to be entered into your competition and I hope a strong candidate to win, to mark its passing and to celebrate all the inspiration and visual enjoyment the tree has given to successive generations of Peterborough residents.”

Runner-up – Adrian Finch

Southey Woods, in Peterborough. “Whilst playing with our children in the dens made from branches of wood, we looked up above our heads at the dense green canopy and noticed a lone pine breaking through the ceiling.”

Runner-Up – Penny Thiele

Spring in Werrington.

Thank you and well done to everyone who entered the competition. For more information about PECT, visit or call 01733 568408.